When The Wedding Is Only About The Cake And Flowers

By George Moulakis

I was entering a shop that specializes on wedding items which include wedding souvenirs, traditional invitations, flowers and cakes when I went by a couple whom I knew were getting married since they were arguing regarding everything.

The girl preferred a bouquet of flowers that had 5 various kinds of flowers in it and then the groom said it's going to look like a bouquet of candies when their wedding color theme needs to be silver and white. The guy needed the girl to select a bouquet of flowers that were closer to the tone of their particular wedding design so that it will not grab each and every attention when she walks down the aisle. The girl was fuming and she said that she's having 5 different types of flowers in her bouquet or she is not walking down that aisle. The guy didn't have an alternative but give way to her bride-to-be. If he does not, she might go ala-runaway bride.

I thought everything had been settled between the couple so I walked passed them and went to the cakes section of the store. I'm a big cake fan and I just go there to look at the modern designs that cake designers are coming up with nowadays as compared to the conventional cakes that have the smooth layer called fondant and is overloaded with fruits or flowers. I never thought that the pile of pillows in front of me was a big wedding cake. It looked so much like a tall pile of Indian-inspired pillows that even had dangling tassels in it. It even had silver and gold beads that turned out to be candies. The 5-layered pillow cake looked so soft and yummy. Although I wasn't sure if the cake on display was a real one or it was just a replica on display. I didn't dare touch it. It looked really good though.

The couple whom I have heard arguing minutes ago, we're arguing again but this time, it seemed to be relating to their cake. The guy desired a modern cake due to the fact that he needed the cake to stand out during the dinner. The girl didn't want anything else but the 3-layered fondant cake covered with cherries, mangoes and peaches. I assumed her alternative sounded superb. But then the guy said that he will be paying for it anyway so it will be his choice of the cake that they are going to have for the wedding dinner.

The girl was furious once more and she said that the guy could eat the cake himself on their wedding dinner if he doesn't pick her choice. The guy, I think, was fed up with each and every yakking so they instantly left the shop buying nothing. The store attendant was giggling from the back of the counter as he looked at me and said "they've already been here three times now and still the same situation".

With that, I assumed maybe they should've consulted a wedding planner who will coordinate everything they will need in preparation for their wedding. That way, they will not have too much work to do since the burden is distributed evenly. That's what wedding planners are usually paid to do and we as clients usually are responsible in coming up with that decision whether we want to make our wedding a tremendous success or even the greatest laugh that will likely be part of our photo albums forever. - 31982

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Getting To Know The Real Monster-in-Law

By Carole Laruelle

I recently watched the movie "Monster-in-Law" and I still cannot help but laugh with each and every crazy-but-true conditions that happen in real life. There comes a moment in our children's existence whenever they decide to get married and there's practically nothing else we may do on the subject of it but to be supportive of them. It is not the case with Jane Fonda as Michael Vartan's overprotective mother and she would just do anything whatsoever to keep her son from marrying Jennifer Lopez.

I know that it may possibly not be the most common thing for soon-to-be mother and daughter-in-laws to slap and hit each other days before the wedding then instantly just kiss and make-up on the specific day. I've practically nothing against in-laws. In fact, determined by my experience, in-laws are usually just as caring and warm as your parents so there exists nothing at all to be scared of and there is undeniably no valid reason to drive them away. They just want to feel that they didn't lose their son or daughter if the two of you got married, but in fact they gained you like a brand new member of their particular growing household.

I know that a lot of mothers generally are overprotective particularly of an only son they've got and they may do anything to keep him from marrying a girl. It's due to the fact that they feel they will be pushed aside and left forgotten simply because your son has a brand new girl that he will be spending the rest of his life with. You really don't have to think of it that way due to the fact that this is not necessarily the condition.

Have you ever regarded the fact that your son is getting married and that you may soon have a grandchild that you can certainly spoil all over again like how you did to your son? It is basically fascinating to have another kid with you while you go shopping or while you roam around similar to what you did when your son was still a child. Your son will ask you silly questions that will leave you dumbfounded and suddenly, you realize that it is now your grandson asking you exactly the same silly questions.

And you also need to get acquainted to the bride's family to keep you company. Don't worry because you are not the only mother feeling the same way about your son getting married. The best thing you could do is to keep yourself preoccupied with the things that you love to do the most. Just think of the things that you weren't able to do because you were too busy thinking how you could call off the wedding and pull your son home with a crowbar.

You are not letting him go but in fact, you are letting him welcome a new addition to your family and soon, you will have little grandchildren running all over the house and they will have you as their favorite person in the world for baking the best cookies and brownies, for not yelling at them when they break a vase or for keeping a secret that only the two of you know about. - 31982

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How To Fix Up A Wedding Cake - A Number Of Techniques To Remember

By John Mc Fly

Wedding cakes are among those that should be meticulously done, as almost all women wish to have the ideal, completely unique and gorgeous wedding cake that will catch the appreciation of the wedding guests. If you want to get your own wedding cake or you want to know to make it a hobby and make money out of it, learning how to beautify a wedding cake can actually be very easy.

Firstly, you have to have a design in your memory but it may help to familiarize yourself with the unique frostings that you can use for a wedding cake. The three main types are the buttercream, the fondant and the whipped cream. Buttercream is the kind of frosting you usually find in most cakes as this is used generally because it can withstand any temperature and humidity. The fondant frosting is the one which results to a very smooth finish but is denser, and because of its stylish look, it has become a trend in wedding cakes to use fondant frosting. Whipped cream however is less used as this may require refrigeration. Royal icing can also be used in wedding cakes but can be used only in decorating and not covering the cake.

If you are planning for an outdoor wedding, or if you are asked to decorate a wedding cake for an outdoor wedding, you may want to stay away from whipped cream frostings.

One of the amazing ways on how to beautify a wedding cake is to make use of the piping technique. This is done by using a pastry bag or a parchment cone in which different frostings such as buttercream or whipped cream is added and squeezed into the smaller opening of the bag to make the cake theme and decoration. Keep in mind that canned frostings may not be appropriate for piping as they will not keep their shape for long.

With piping, you can develop roses, lovely looking borders, lacy designs, including the couple's initials on the cake, shells, weave designs, dots, snail trails, or just anything you have in mind to adorn your cake. You can also make use of gels to make other beautiful and unique designs such as butterflies.

Although piping may be a little difficult at first, a little training will help you master this skill and like the many designs you can do with it. Of course, there is not limit to what you can do with piping. Just go ahead, practice, make your designs and eventually, you will master the art on how to beautify a wedding cake and earn money out of it.

Fondant is also a great frosting that you can put into cake and make beautiful designs. Aside from allowing you to cover the cake elegantly and efficiently, you can also make ribbons and large ribbons, stars, hearts out of fondant or any other decorations. Decorating your wedding cake with a mix of fondant and other frostings such as buttercream or royal icing is also a great idea. Just explore and experiment with the designs and you will eventually come up with wonderful designs of your own wedding cake.

Edible flowers, fruits and nuts are also great addition to your cake decorating ideas. - 31982

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Groom's Nuptial Day Must-Haves

By Phillip Nomadic

In each and every wedding I have seen, particularly in the movies, the groom appears to be the one with all the time in the world. He doesn't have to be anxious pertaining to his hair to be done for hours like his bride's hair should. The groom does not have to think of any unique techniques to get into his coat or his tuxedo to make sure he wears it perfectly unlike the bride who might need at the very least 2 or 3 persons to support her slip in to her wedding gown, making sure that all the details of the dress are in place and practically nothing is torn or detached.

But then again, given that the groom will not have to be as detailed as the bride, there are a number of things that the groom could do in order to avoid any mishaps during this particular day. No one would like anything negative to happen during their wedding day so this directory of must-haves is especially directed to the grooms. You are also responsible in keeping order on that specific day. To do so you need to:

1. Make sure that your suit, tuxedo, coat or whatever you're wearing for the wedding is clean, mended and ready to wear on the wedding day itself. If you're supposed to dress up at the wedding venue, the least thing you can do is to bring your clothes there at least one day before so you won't have a chance to forget it. While you're at it, make sure that you bring your wallet, money, credit cards and your driver's license as well. If you're going on your honeymoon straight after the wedding dinner, then you might want to pack your things completely at least a couple of days before to make sure everything's there.

2. If you're supposed to get dressed at home or at the hotel, make sure to lay everything where you can see them. Don't assume that you know where to find everything when you get dressed tomorrow because this is when you start to get rattled and nervous and chances are you'll forget to bring something.

3. Pack additional toiletries like comb, hair gel, locks spray, toothbrush, deodorant, dental floss, cologne and a good breath spray. You never know when one of your respective groomsmen might need something at the venue. At least you have a number of things that you could lend them.

4. Should you be under a medication, don't forget to pack your medical pack set the night before. Put it in the bag where your other toiletries are and put it in your car right away so you won't have any possibilities of leaving it behind. You don't want any major medical conditions to take away the limelight from you and your bride during your wedding day.

5. Please don't forget to bring a very good breath spray or breath mints to aid your breath. I know it is something personal but you might just take your bride's breath away while you kiss her and you still have the essence of the pizza you ate the day before. You might really knock her off her feet literally as you kiss her with your breath smelling like that. - 31982

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Picnic Dos and Don'ts

By Judielee Lawson

Who says that being on a picnic means you can do whatever you want? Well, if it were that way, then it would be too scary to go on a picnic because anything can happen because there are no rules to follow. People can just walk up to your picnic spot and hijack your basket which can be very dangerous, too. I shudder to think what could happen. So before anything bad happens to your supposedly relaxing and stress-free picnic, there are some picnic etiquettes that you must adhere to in order to coexist with other picnic goers and with your surroundings as well.

There are picnic groves that have several picnic tables that strangers can share. Please don't come up to somebody else's picnic and feel too comfortable. You never know what these people are there for and they might not like it if someone gatecrashes to their picnic.

Another well-known thing that happens in a really fun picnic with much food on the table is the Food fight. It is very common in college cafeterias however it may possibly happen in picnics too since they tend to be by themselves. Don't start, encourage or get associated in a food fight. Aside from all the trash that you will be leaving behind, you will probably be attracting a lot of bugs such as ants and bees that can harm you after they smell food on you.

Another thing to watch is your music volume. Don't play your stereo too loud. You won't just disturb other picnic goers, but you might irritate the animals around you. You don't want a bear or other untamed animals to come over to your picnic just since they heard your loud music.

Speaking of bears, do not feed the creatures, specifically bears. They could be cute and cuddly, but then again you don't know when they might suddenly turn wild. For many who take their dogs along on a picnic, do not let your dogs out without a leash because they might harm or destroy other people's picnic and you will be held accountable for it.

Also, help to make sure you clean up your dog's droppings and make sure to dispose it correctly. That applies to all your trash at the same time. Keep all your trash in a bag that you could bring to avoid a pile up of trash in the picnic site.

And on your way home, do not drink alcoholic beverages knowing that you are going to be driving home. Mishaps happen anytime and everywhere so refrain from drinking alcohol in a picnic. There are several more things that you must avoid in order to make your picnic safe and hassle free. The list goes on and on. Diverse strokes for various folks. In the end, the success of your picnic will all depend on how well you behave like a responsible picnic-goer.

Eventually, there are several things you can do without limiting yourself from enjoying. Have fun, fun and more fun! Do bring a good camera to capture your precious moments, provide loads of healthy and great food for everyone to enjoy and have some more fun under the sun. - 31982

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Gift Suggestions for Men: Tips To Make Your Man Happy

By Donald Bradleys

As far as males are concerned, gifts happen to be as great as anything you give them. Just like anybody else, you desire to make the presents you give a man as distinct as available. If you simply can't make just one yourself, at the very least buy something that you can certainly still customize it somehow. It does not need to be pricey provided that you' know of he can utilize it or it's a thing that interests him.

1. Sporting goods is usual type of gift a man would commonly appreciate. That's of course, if he's into a certain sport. You may get him a personalized set of barbells if he's into figure building, a nicely autographed baseball bat by his favorite baseball player, a set of basketball cards of his favorite basketball star or a brand new bowling ball with his initials engraved on it. The choices are usually unlimited provided that you know what he wants and it's within your budget.

2. A great wine which may suit his taste is something he'll definitely love, especially if you'll share it with him. It is the variety of gift a woman gives to a man whom she finds romantic and has positive taste for very good wine. You will be able to at the least customize it by simply putting the bottle in a basket you personally designed to add a touch of your respective artistry.

3. If he's into autos, you can get him a modest replica of his car. Have it painted similarly to the car he owns and put it in a particular box that he will be able to keep safely. I am pretty sure that with all the car manufacturers out there, Matchbox will have a very good accomplish and updated version of each that comes in every color you could think of. You can easily also get him a fresh set of tools that will help him in repairing his car.

4. A number guys can certainly be very vain in their own ways so you might want to offer them colognes, perfumes, skin care merchandise or spa gift certificates. If you're giving them spa gift certificates, make sure you get one for oneself too so that you can both appreciate it at the same time.

5. Outdoor equipment make very good gifts for males who love to go fishing, camping or just going on road trips occasionally. You may get them a brand new fishing rod, a brand new set of fishing hooks, a fresh tent or even a brand new picnic backpack set that you can all benefit from when you go in a picnic.

6. Nowadays, with all the latest technology gadgets springing out everywhere, most guys love getting something new in the market like a new camera phone with wifi capabilities, a new laptop that they can use for gaming, a new game for their Xbox or even as simple as a new remote control for their TV.

It really varies and there are lots of gadgets to pick from. You just have to know what he loves and what he requires. You do not have to get him something incredibly high-priced. Just don't forget to add a bit of personal touch to it and you're great to go. - 31982

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Baking Is A Slice Of Cake

By Judielee Lawson

When I was a child, I've always watched my mother cook diverse dishes at home. I would certainly know that there will be an upcoming occasion because I could smell something excellent is cooking within our kitchen. She would certainly always cook pasta, meat stews along with other local delicacies that make us really excited of the flavorful aroma that the air inside our home brings when she cooks.

I've always been curios how her dishes are done and I wanted to be in a position to cook something like that when I grow up. My grandmother would also cook the same dishes my mother makes but I presume my mother's cooking tastes better. Maybe due to the fact we got accustomed to it and my grandmother's way of cooking is extremely traditional as compared to my mom's modern approach with each and every brand new kind of components. I assumed to myself that I would certainly want to cook something better to impress my mother and my grandmother when I'm old enough.

As I was growing up, I've managed to get numerous instructions and tricks from my mother when she cooks something. There aren't any secret recipes or virtually any secret herbs and spices that she uses. It's all in the technique how you cook it. Patience really pays off when you're cooking an excellent meal simply because you simply can't hurry it up while you want it to come out virtually perfectly. That also applies so much more on baking. You cannot just mix your cake batter just as much as you want because you will be pushing a bunch of air into your cake batter and it will come out too flat or too fluffy. You can't force your cookies to come out in the oven immediately because you are too impatient to taste how they are. All you can do it wait and to make sure that you time the baking process according to the instructions.

Baking is so much different from cooking a meal. Once you cook your meals, you may add more spices to taste if it is a bit bland or you could just add more substances or more water if it tastes too strong. In baking, everything should be calculated and all the substance needs to be measured exactly as it's indicated in the recipe. If you're baking bread and you put in a lot of flour in it, it can either be too difficult to eat or too crumby to piece. If you put a bit too much water in the dough, it might turn out just like a soggy and tasteless cake. It is really difficult to experiment on baking unlike cooking.

Given the fact that baking is too complicated for me, I've really found my niche in baking since it gives me a diverse feeling of accomplishment when the pastry you have baked turns out very well and anyone appreciates it so much more. I have managed to master the art of baking cookies and brownies and I can certainly say that baking is so much easier than you thought if only you have the drive to go for the outcome that you want to attain.

I know that the outcome in your first attempts can easily be disappointing but if at first you get a flat, tasteless piece of bread, don't be anxious since you happen to be on the right track. Next thing you know, you are by now making your way in the pastry industry and you might say that it's just a piece of cake. - 31982

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